SF01 // HILTON SCHILDER - Rebirth (2015)
SF02 // HILTON SCHILDER - Rukma Vimana (2016)
SF03 // KABASA - S-T (1980 / Reissue 2017)
SF04 // TATA - It's A Mess (1985 / Reissue 2019)
SF05 // XOLISO - Shingwanyana (1974 / Reissue 2019)

All of our releases are fully licensed and projects are undertaken in partnership with respective artists where possible. Please note that some titles are exclusively available on vinyl. We strive to reproduce the sonic integrity and carefully restore the original artwork of reissued works by arduously pursuing the best available master sources.

We prefer sharing supplementary materials (biographies, liner notes, interviews and ephemera) on digital platforms rather than in the form of printed inserts. To foster authentic enquiry, we encourage independent reviewers and commentators to engage directly with these works and their creators.