Zambia Music Parlour Limited (ZMPL) was Zambia's most prolific independent record label during the 1970s and 1980s, producing the country's most treasured catalogue of Zamrock, Kalindula and Rumba recordings. SHARP-FLAT documents ZMPL's iconic releases and the broader story of Zambian music from this era at Zamrock.Org.

Zambia Music Parlour's archival ZMP LEGACY series as well as international publishing and licensing of the catalogue is managed by SHARP-FLAT (South Africa) and Strawberry Rain (Canada) in exclusive partnership with the label owners. Information & Licensing Contacts: calum [at] and jason [at] 

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BLACKFOOT - Millie (1976 / Strawberry Rain 2017)
BLACKFOOT - The Foot Steps (1978 / Strawberry Rain 2017)
5 REVOLUTIONS - I'm a Free Man (1976 / Vinyl Me Please Anthology 2020)
BLACKFOOT - Youth Power (1976 / Vinyl Me Please 2021)